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Medina tile fountain


Astonishing moroccan mosaic tile fountain

Moorish hand chiseled tile fountain, a piece of moorish achitecture history.
These tile fountains are still used in palaces, hotels and riads in old moroccan cities.High quality Moroccan mosaic fountain that would last a life.
Our fountains are all handmade in Morocco by our skilled artisans who use the same techniques as the Moorish did in andalusia, Spain.
From terracotta bricks to all glazed ceramic tile with ornate borders or patterns, our sinks are authentic and unique.
The geometrical patterns bring architectural beauty and give a 12th century Andalusian feel to any space. Variations in color and texture are common and are what give handmade Moroccan tile its renowned

Great moorish design tile fountain. An outstanding moroccan mosaic tile fountain with andalusian moorish tile work. The paterns are all handcut by a team of artisans. A great workmanship and a gorgeous moorish home decor piece of mosaic tile artwork.

This beautiful fountain comes with different colors of handcut mosaic tile

- Measures 48" x 30"

-All handmade & unique

-Special order is available