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Container Sales to the US and other countries

    • Casbah Decor store ships worldwide. We are direct importers/manufacturers of high end furniture and semi antiques meaning we are directly involved in every aspect of the production of the furniture we import and have direct control over the quality.

    • We do wholesale furniture such as armoires, tables, cabinets...lamps, pottery, tiles....

    • Our wholesale prices depend on the nature of the product and on the budget ( lamps do not take that much time to make....but special handmade furniture takes most of the times 2 to 3 months...)

    • Casbah Decor will help you go through your order, whether is it a 20 foot or high cube container.

    • Our wholesale container prices will save you thousands of dollars.

- 20-foot long container is 24,000 kilograms (52,900 lbs.)

- 40-foot container is 30,480 kilograms (67,200 lbs.)

- 40 foot high cube 76. 172 lbs

For further informations about wholesale and special orders, please call us to discuss all details at 813 263 8766 or fill up the form below