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Moorish Cordoba tile

  • Each tile measures 16" x 10"
  • Each pack holds 10 tiles
  • Borders do not come with the pack call for availability
  • Shipping charges will apply please call for a quote
Installation tips
    • Always follow instructions as recommended by the adhesive product manufacturers installation directions.
    • When installing any ceramic tile it is recommended to pull tiles from several different cartons at one time to insure maximum uniformity of shade throughout the installation area.
    • Use minimum of 1/8" grout joint when installing floor tiles.
    • Sanded grout works best with grout joints 1/8" or larger.
Maintenance Tips
    • Your tile do not require any sealing, it is naturally sealed and protected.
    • Grout joints should be sealed as per manufacturers recommendations.
    • Sweep floor and use a mild soap cleaner for regular maintenance.
    • Keeping your tile clean of dirt and other abrasive particles will extend the vibrancy and beauty of your floor for many years.