Ambiance lighting

Moroccan lighting enables activity, enhances color, and most importantly gives a room a sense of warmth and life. Moroccan lanterns & lamps also bring fun and fashion to a space. Using our lanterns in a practical and provocative ways to alter the mood in your living room.

One of the keys to creating a comfortable and flexible room is to layer the lighting.

Use a mix of ambient, task, accent lighting to delineate different zones. Moroccan lamps & lanterns creates ambience and makes a space welcoming. Give each part of the room a flattering glow to celebrate great moments.

Begin with the ambient, or general, layer, this is the light that simply makes the room visible. Next, consider the task lights you will need for you and your family to read, work, or play. Add an accent layer, lanterns & lamps that focus on objects or architectural features you want to highlight or light sources that create specific moods.

Ambient lighting in a living room in especially important because the room is often occupied by more than one person. Whether its from sunlit windows or skylights during the day or from flush, recessed, or hanging ceiling fixtures at night, ambient light offers the broad wash of diffused illumination required for soft, general lighting.

Task lighting is typically provided by Moroccan table lamps or Moroccan rustic floor lanterns, recessed can lights, or a combination of the two. Task lights are the most versatile in amoroccan lighting plan, because you can rearrange them or change their look with a quick switch of shades. It?s important to keep the contrast low between levels of general and task lights, both for a pleasing balace and to avoid eyestrain.

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Ambiance lighting
By Ben Arbi Hisham
Hisham Ben Arbi, Importer of moroccan ambiance lighting - lamps & lanterns