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Moroccan furniture

Moroccan ceiling panels

Painted ceiling panels

Shop for these gorgeous handmade moroccan home decor pieces.  A new selection of bedroom furniture sets, giant lighting pieces, beni ourain rugs, marble carved fountains.

We just launched a new selection of moroccan furniture, lamps, tile, painted ceiling panels, large doors. We carry also moroccan brass chandeliers, outdoor & indoor rustic lanterns. mosaic tile fountains, large silver mirrors, carved & inlaid camel bone beds, hand carved cabinets, moroccan tables & chairs, painted furniture. We strive to bring unique moroccan decor pieces to your home such as moroccan living room sets, handwoven rugs, pillows, with awesome moroccan fabrics. All our products including moroccan leather poufs, moroccan gifts, tea glasses, tagines... are all handmade by talented artisans of Morocco. 

We do wholesale & retail. please call us or email us for further informations. 

We have a huge inventory on sale running right now. Our products are not machine made, they all authentic & most items are one of a kind. Indoor & outdoor pieces of moorish wooden furniture that would add a special tone to your place

moroccan furniture

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Zebra moroccan tile sink
Zebra moroccan tile sink
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Marrakesh Mirror
Marrakesh Mirror
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Sultan Mirror
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Tile, ceilings, doors...

At Casbah decor, we're devoted to the idea that your home can be an endless source of inspiration. We believe that decorating with Moroccan furniture & decor theme should be easy and fun. We hand pick and design our selection of mother of pearl furniture & bedding, bedroom beds set, armoires, moroccan lamps, inlaid camel bone tables, moroccan tile, painted ceiling panels, large carved cedar door, beni ourain berber rugs... we do work on every space that you would like us to do, we are inventive, work on different spaces, achieve ideas with our clients work within any budget. We do work directly with moroccan master artisans whom create unique pieces of art. Please check out our new selection of moroccan furniture, lamps, tile  ceiling panels, doors & moroccan bedding....

Moroccan bedding

Beautiful moroccan lighting

Moroccan lamps have served the people since timeless ages for lighting their lives, even when there was no electricity. So you can analyze how old the lamps and lanterns have remained in the history of moroccan lighting theme. It would not be wrong to say that many people with the most different design and style choices prefer to choose lighting with the moroccan lamps and lanterns even today in their homes. Apart from just the designing part, there can be other major benefits that can be enjoyed with these moroccan lighting sources. 

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