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Orange Anelka set
Orange Anelka set
Serial Number: LRS08
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Sofa shape option::

Moroccan daybed sofa

Transform your space into a rocking casbah with this moroccan sofa, great quality fabric. One of the most popular theme. Moroccan design combines the best of moorish and european influences to form a beautiful union of architecture and style.

The moroccan living room fulfill our most basic desire for warmth, shelter, and secrity. They also refect ou truest feelings about what?s important to us. The living room is a place to work, relax and play. It? also the room where friends and family come together, a living room can be place of refuge at the heart of your home.
      • The sofa measures 71" long by 30" wide by 22" to 24"high
      • Comes with pillows & quilts
      • The set is for one couch.
    • Fabric may vary depends on the stock
    • Fabric may discontinue ( other designs will apply )
  • Shipping & handling will apply, please email us your zip code for shipping quote