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Lamps & lanterns
Moroccan Lanterns for weddings & parties
To complete any Moroccan lanterns theme and other decor items are needful. Moroccan lanterns, rustic outdoor lanterns hang beautifully from the ceiling and usually feature wrought iron frames with artistic stained glass sections in a variety of colors and patterns. Probably one of the most well known lanterns is the Djamae lantern or mosque candle lantern, which are the oldest type in Moroccan lighting history. They come with a rustic look and a semi-oval shape with stain glass in amber, blue, green, and clear glass. Other Moroccan chandeliers include Blue Anelka, Alwan, Maroc, Moroccan Chandelier, and Dareh. We carry candle lanterns, lanterns for weddings, A great selection to choose from, wide range of rustic moroccan decorative lanterns & lighting that you won’t find in any other online store.
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